Payment Terms

Depending on the length of the project, fees may be paid in a lump sum within a set period, fees are tied to deliverables. Payment may be divided into increments if need be. Incremental payments have to be determined prior to receiving deliverables. An example of this would be one payment for deposit, another upon review, and final payment based on signed agreement. Deliverables and ownership rendered upon full payment.

Cancellation Fees (Kill Fees)

negotiated cancellation fee also called "Kill Fee" may range from a portion of the cost to the entire cost of work depending on the project status at the time of cancellation and terms of agreed project quote.


If payment is not received up to 30 days after due date your web presence will be suspended temporarily and will not be available online. After 30 days all outstanding balance fees should be paid as well as a $50 reinstallation cost to reinstate the site. Please pay on time!

Customer Support

If you need to contact Dlanor for comments, questions, or concerns in regards to your account please feel free to submit request 24hrs 7 days a week. We offer 24/7 email support to all clients with maintenance subscriptions. Please submit a ticket, we will respond within 24hrs. Your submission will be addressed by next available development specialist ASAP!